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Wedding invitation calligraphy

A great day’s calligraphy work on some lovely wedding invitations.

wedding invitation
Classic italic calligraphy on wedding invitations

Laura sent her wedding invitations to me for calligraphy, simply written in classic italics, black ink, to contrast with the elegant and traditional print of the invites themselves.

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Wedding invitation calligraphy for Kath

Kath is going to be Mother of the Groom to her son Christopher in August. She called to ask about calligraphy for the wedding invitations in June.

The lovely chocolate coloured wedding invitations were thermographically printed in brown ink, and guests’ names were written inside in Copperplate calligraphy, also in brown ink.

wedding invitation with calligraphy
Wedding invitation with calligraphy in brown ink

I’ll always remember Kath calling round to drop off and collect her invitations, because she had her leg in plaster and I brought everything out to the car to save her having to get up! She even called me about place cards last week and I called her “the lady with the leg”!

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Yvette’s wedding invite calligraphy

From time to time I will write calligraphy on wedding invitations from one of the very best UK wedding stationery companies, Cardlab. These gorgeous letterpress invitations were sent to me to be handwritten in freestyle calligraphy, in black ink, for Yvette’s wedding.

invite with modern calligraphy
Letterpress wedding invitation from Cardlab, with freestyle calligraphy

The letterpress card is gorgeous to write on with a pointed pen, it’s smooth, and a lovely quality tightly woven card perfect for contemporary calligraphy.

Calligraphy on wedding invitations
Letterpress wedding invitations with contemporary calligraphy

A selection of the wedding invitations, which are beautifully made from heavyweight ivory card, letterpress printed and finished with a high quality satin ribbon.

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Lucy’s wedding invitation calligraphy

Lucy’s wedding invitations are a lovely, simple design. The invitation is ‘Bond Street’, from the Letterpress of Cirencester. They were beautifully printed in black raised ink on heavy white card.

wedding invitation with calligraphy
Lucy's wedding invitations with calligraphy

The calligraphy is in my classic italic style, in black ink. This was written with the smallest calligraphy nib I have, a William Mitchell size 6. The invitations are only 6 inches square, which doesn’t leave much room for calligraphy – but with first names only the finished effect was perfect.

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Serena’s wedding invitations

These were Serena’s wedding invitations, which her graphic designer friend had designed especially for her. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the floral design which was printed in a velvety deep purple onto white card – the back of each invitation was printed in silvery grey and purple in the same design.

wedding invitations with calligraphy
Serena's wedding invitations with calligraphy

Serena sent her wedding and evening invitations to us to be written in copperplate calligraphy, in black ink. The evening invitations were a little smaller than the day invitations, so I wrote a little smaller on those to make sure the calligraphy suited the overall wedding invitation design.

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